Webcam Bulgaria, Plovdiv, Central Square

The webcam shows the central square of Plovdiv city in Bulgaria in real time.
Plovdiv (the old name Filippopol) — the second-large city in Bulgaria, the administrative center of the Plovdiv region, is in the southern part of Bulgaria.It is the large transport hub, through Plovdiv pass the railways and the autobahn to Sofia, in the city there is a node of highways. Plovdiv — the important industrial and cultural center of the country, in it is a lot of companies of the food, light and chemical industry, it is also the center of the important agricultural region of Bulgaria. In the city there are a lot of sights, about 200 buildings are announced by monuments history. There is the Ancient theatre (Antichen teatur) on 3000 places, the Roman forum of Philippopolis, The Small Basilica of Philippopolis, the Ancient Stadium, Eirene residence and other sights.

The central square of Plovdiv in Bulgaria
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