Webcam Egypt, Luxor, Karnak Temple

Live webcam shows the Karnak Temple in Egypt in real time.
Karnak Temple is historic monument of Egypt, the largest temple complex in all of ancient Egypt, the largest religious complex in the world and the second most popular tourist sight in Egypt after the Great Pyramid of Giza. Karnak Temple is located in a modern the small village of Carnac on the east bank of the Nile River in 2.5 km from Luxor. Karnak Temple together with Luxor Temple and the Theban Necropolis in 1979 was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The most important and famous building around the temple complex is temple Amon-Ra, it is has a length of 113 meters, width of 15 meters and height of 45 meters. The area of ​​all of the temple complex is more than 2 км².

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