Travelling to Austria

Austria — the country in the Central part Europe Square — 83,8 thousand

The countries on which Austria — the Czech Republic borders, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Germany.

Austria is divided into 9 federal lands, It is Upper Austria, the Lower Austria, Forarlberg, Tyrol, Carinthia, Shtiriya, Burgenland, Salzburg, Vienna).

The capital of Austria — the city of Vienna. On each of 9 federal lands there is the parliament. Which elects the local prime minister.

Population of Austria approximately makes about 8 million people. The main nation of Austria — the Austrians Is ethnic minorities. These are Slovenes, Croats and Hungarians. Also there are emigrants. The foreigners who arrived to Austria on earnings. Most of all emigrants in Vienna.

Historic center of Vienna

A state language of Austria — German. Language of the Austrians considerably differs from German. In it there are a lot of dialects. The speech of the Austrian differs from the speech of the German of Germany, both a lexicon, and a pronunciation, accents and a rhythm.

Economies of Austria generally diversified industry and tourism. 65% of all Austrians work in a sver of tourism and services.


In Austria there are no sea borders.

The largest rivers of Austria — Danube, Moore, Drava, Zaltsakh and the INN.

70% of the area of the country occupy East Alps

In Avstri there are a lot of Alpine meadows and woods. East Alps are interesting to tourists by wide valleys, intermountain hollows. especially hollows Klagenfurt in Carinthia and Gratskaya in Shtiriya.

The most powerful massif in Austria — High Taeurn,

The highest tops of Austria — two-headed top Grosglokner («The big bell ringer»). Its height is 3798 m and Grosvenediger, 3674 m high

The biggest glacier of the Austrian Alps — Pastertsa the area — 32 and length — 10 km.

In Austria there are caves with stalactites, ice flows, underground lakes and streams. The most known cave of Austria — Aysrizenvelt («The world of ice giants») in Tennengebirge. The cave is located to the South from Salzburg.

The mountain lake in Austria

The mountain lakes of Austria — big and deep Bodenskoye of the lake. It is located in the West. The large shallow lake Neyzidler-Zeya in the east of the country.

Falls in Austria are included into a top of 6 highest on the planet. These are Krimlsky falls

The vegetation of Austria is deciduous and coniferous forests, the Alpine meadows.

Average temperature of January is –3 °C,

Average temperature of January of July — +17 °C)

Travel across Austria attractively at all seasons of the year. With winter of tourists involves mountain skiing. In the summer — mountaineering.

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