Webcam Hungary, Budapest, Buda Castle

The webcam shows Buda Castle in Budapest in Hungary in live.
Buda Castle is the ancient residence of the Hungarian kings which is located on the craggy rock over the Danube River in Budapest. The history of fortress is indissoluble is connected with country history. Fortress was constructed in the 13th century for protection of the city against attacks of enemies, since then several centuries it was the residence of royal families of Hungary. Buda Castle in fact is the ancient and historic center of the city of Buda, which was formed as Budapest in 1873 by combining with the cities of Peshta and Obuda. Today Buda Castle is the main sight of Budapest and the most visited place in the city. Buda Castle is entered in the List of the World heritage of UNESCO. Arrive fortress It is possible on the Budapest funicular or by bus No16 from the Szell Kalman Square.

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