Webcam Hungary, Budapest, Chain Bridge

The webcam shows Chain Bridge in Budapest in Hungary in real time.
The Széchenyi Chain Bridge is the first stone bridge in the capital of Hungary, is the symbol of Budapest. The bridge connects two detached cities — Buda and Pest, which together formed Budapest — the capital of Hungary. The bridge was built by the Hungarian politician and graph István Széchenyi, in honor of him was called the bridge. Chain Bridge designed the english engineer William Clark in 1839, bridge was opening in 1849. In those times The Széchenyi Chain Bridge was the largest bridge in all the world and was object of national pride. In time World War II the bridge was badly destroyed and restore in 1949. Today it also connects Buda and Pest and from Adam Clark Square to Roosevelt Square, on the bridge there is a emblem of Hungary and a figure of lions.

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