Live Webcam Punta Rucia Beach, Dominican Republic

Live webcam shows the Punta Rucia Beach on the northwest coast of the Dominican Republic.

Picture from Punta Rucia Beach, Dominican Republic online camera in , Dominican Republic

The Punta-Rucia Beach is located on the Atlantic coast in a small same name fishing village in the northwest of the Dominican Republic, 80 km east of the border with Haiti. On this the white sand beach with the purest and calm sea water are several restaurants and cafes offers freshly caught fish and seafood. The Dominican Republic has a tropical rainforest climate and differs slightly in various parts of the country. The sun shines here about 300 days a year, and the local landscapes are similar to African ones. This webcam shows a part of the Punta Rucia Beach from the ECO Cayo Arena Beach HOUSE (Adults Only), which offers an excellent vacation on the Atlantic coast in a Dominican village.