Live Webcam Baisha Bay, Beygan Island

Live webcam shows the Baisha Bay on Beigan Dao Island, Taiwan.


The Baisha Bay is located in the southeastern part of the Beigan Island, which is part of the Mazu Islands archipelago under rules of the Republic of China (Taiwan), a partially recognized state in East Asia. The Beygan Island is the second largest island in the Matsu Islands archipelago with a population of about 2 thousand people. The town of Beigan is the only settlement of the island, located in the eastern part of the Beigan Island, near Matsu Beigan Airport. The island has several sandy beaches, the largest of which are the Tanghou Beach and the Banli Beach. The Baisha Village witch the Taoist Pingshui Zunwang Temple there are on the coast of the Baisha Bay.