Washington D.C. Live Webcams

Live webcams in Washington, DC (official name – District of Columbia, abbreviated “DC”) broadcast in real time streets, squares, city panoramas, views from restaurants and hotels, parks and attractions of the capital of the United States of America (USA). Live webcams in Washington will show panoramic views of the city and the current weather condition in the capital of the United States at the moment. Most of the live webcams work in live mode, and some of them broadcast images with sound. The most interesting and popular live webcams are at the top of the list of webcams. The map of live webcams displays the location of each webcam in Washington DC.

Brief information about Washington, DC

The city of Washington is the capital of the United States, which is the symbol of American nationhood. The agglomeration received its toponym in connection with the surname of the first American president, which was George Washington. It was here that freedom and justice reigned. The city amazes with its pomp and grandeur, the width of the avenues and boulevards stretching for many kilometers. Washington is the city that is home to the main administrative and governmental buildings, including the White House, the Capitol, and the Pentagon.

Climate in Washington

The weather on the territory of the American capital is formed due to the influence of the subtropical climate. In the summer period in Washington is very hot, often the air warms up to +30 degrees Celsius, but because of the abundance of concrete buildings and asphalt roads, this figure rises much higher. For this reason, tourism in Washington subsides in summer, while it heats up in spring or in the first half of fall. Winter is cool and snowy, the air cools down to -10 degrees on the coldest days.

Washington Sights

Traveling to Washington DC guarantees a lot of adventures and interesting walks around the capital of the USA. This city is a treasure trove of objects of historical and cultural heritage, excursions to which will allow you to learn a lot of interesting things about local traditions and customs.

White House – inexperienced tourists take this residence as the family nest of the president, but it is not quite so. This landmark is an unofficial symbol of American nationhood, democracy and justice. However, if you look at the White House in real time, there will be no trace of pomp and luxury in the photos. A low building, which rather resembles a small palace of culture.

Mount Vernon is one of the most iconic cultural heritage sites. George Washington himself worked and lived in this residence. The building is located some distance from the center of the capital, which only adds to the seclusion and gracefulness of this place.

The Capitol is one of the most important buildings in Washington, because it is here that the U.S. government sits and works. In addition, the Capitol is now a major museum complex that houses a colossal number of paintings, sculptures and rare books.

The Washington Monument is an amazing sculpture that was erected in honor of the first American president. It was previously considered the tallest structure in the world, but only until the Eiffel Tower was built.

The Washington Monument is an amazing sculpture that was erected in honor of the first American president. Previously, this complex was considered the tallest structure in the world, but only until the Eiffel Tower was built.

The United States Botanical Garden is one of the most beautiful facilities within the United States. It is home to a colossal number of the rarest plants, many of which are 100-150 years old.

Rock Creek Park is a place where you can experience the local nature in all its beauty and pristine condition. Most of the park complex is densely forested and is home to an amazing array of local fauna.

The Holocaust Memorial Museum is one of the most visited museums in the world. The exhibits here include thousands of photographs of prisoners, unique archival documents, which depict the fate of people who managed to get out alive to freedom.

Beaches in Washington

Beach tourism on the territory of the American capital is developing very actively. Tourists can choose from a lot of comfortable beaches that impress with their cleanliness and well-groomedness.

Ruby Beach – an amazing magnetism and attraction of the beach, which is covered with large pebbles, replaced by a sandy entrance to the Pacific Ocean. It is very quiet and romantic here. The water is warm and clear. Often there is a dense fog, which only adds to the incredible atmosphere of this place.

Long Beach is a popular beach, but the winds here are strong and penetrating. Strong waves are very common. Underwater currents lift sand from the bottom, making the water murky. But here there are all conditions for kite flying or paragliding.

Shi Shi Beach is one of the most romantic places in Washington. The beach is covered with fine sand of gray color, the entrance to the water is gentle. However, in many places there are stones and rocks that make it difficult to approach the water.

Washington DC webcams online offer all Internet users to watch the events taking place in the American capital in real time. This will allow you to assess the situation before traveling and develop an optimal plan for making a trip to North America.