Webcam Panama, Panama Canal, gateway Gatun

Live webcam shows the gateway «Gatun» of the Panama Canal and the ships passing through it.
The Panama Canal is located in Panama City, it provides the maritime traffic between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean thereby reduces time and cost of the marine transportation between the two oceans more than twice. Therefore, it is one of the most busiest canals in the world and passages through it sell at an auction. The channel has a length of 81.6 km and a width of 150 meters, average time passage of vessels through it is about 9 hours. The channel compose from two artificial lakes, canals, rivers and a two groups of gateways. The gateway «Gatun» connects the Limon Bay of the Atlantic Ocean with the Lake Gatun, and the gateway «Miraflores» and «Pedro Miguel» connects the Panama Bay of the Pacific Ocean with the estuary of the channel.

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