Webcam Turkey, Antalya, Xanadu Resort Hotel

Live webcam of Xanadu Resort Hotel in Antalya in Turkey shows a view of the Mediterranean Sea, garden and swimming pool of the hotel.
Xanadu Resort is a five-star hotel in Turkey, which operates on an «all inclusive». It is located on the Mediterranean coast in 50 km from Antalya and in 5 km from the resort town of Belek. The hotel impresses its Ancient Roman architecture and a majestic garden. Here you can see the amphitheater, columns in Ancient Rome style, or take a swim in the pool and take a walk in the huge garden. Tourists can to stay in the main hotel building or in one of the twelve bungalows. From all the rooms opens view of the sea and the garden. The restaurants and bars of the hotel is a large selection of dishes and drinks.

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