Webcam Turkey, Izmir, Konak Square

Live webcam shows Konak Square in Izmir in Turkey in real time.
Konak Square is the main square of the city of Izmir, on it always a lot of people. Here located Yalı Mosque (Konak Mosque), the Central Bus Station, the City Hall of İzmir, the Cultural Centre of Ege University, which includes an opera house, a music academy, and a museum of modern art. At the center of the square is the İzmir Clock Tower, which is the symbol and main attraction of the city. Near Konak Square is Kemeraltı — the most major market (bazaar) of Izmir. Konak Square is the most beautiful part of the city, it is located near the Aegean Sea. To get to the sea need go through the alley and the pedestrian bridge.

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