Live Webcam Hollywood Sign Los Angeles

Live webcam shows Hollywood Sign in the city of Los Angeles in California, the USA.


Hollywood Sign is one of the famous landmarks of Los Angeles and a symbol of the cinema of the United States. It is located 491 meters above sea level on the southern slope of Mount Lee Peak in the Hollywood neighborhood in the central region of Los Angeles, California. The sign is the inscription “HOLLYWOOD,” composed of freestanding white letters 13.7 meters high and 9.3 to 11.8 meters wide, made of durable Austrian steel. The sign originally appeared on June 13, 1923, to advertise the new residential neighborhoods in Los Angeles, when “HOLLYWOODLAND” was installed in the Hollywood Hills. Later it was modified many times, restored and became associated with the U.S. film industry, as many movie studios and American film actors lived in the area. In 1973, the HOLLYWOOD sign was proclaimed a National Historic Landmark in the United States. The hill on which the sign sits offers a spectacular view of the Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles.