Cologne Live Webcams

Live webcams in Cologne show real-time views of streets, squares, the old town, churches, hotels, restaurants, bridges, parks, promenades, and landmarks of one of the oldest cities in Germany in North Rhine-Westphalia. Live webcams show panoramic views of the city, the surrounding nature, and the current weather conditions in Cologne from anywhere in the world. Some of the webcams stream images with sound. The most popular webcams are located at the top of the streaming list. Each of the live webcams has an informative description and a map with its location in the city. A map on this page displays the exact location of each webcam in Cologne.

Brief information about Cologne

Cologne is a city of millions, one of the largest cities in Germany, an important economic, transport, tourist and cultural center of the country. Cologne is located on both banks of the Rhine River in the western part of Germany, 44 km south of Düsseldorf and 189 km northwest of Frankfurt am Main.

Cologne has a population of approximately 1.08 million and an area of 405 km². It is the fourth largest city by population and the third largest by area in Germany. Cologne is also part of the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region (German: Metropolregion Rhein-Ruhr), the largest metropolitan region in Germany with over 11 million inhabitants. Cologne is one of the oldest cities in Germany and has played an important role in European history since the Roman Empire.