Katmai National Park Live Webcams

Katmai National Park Live Webcams broadcast the nature, lakes, rivers, forests, glaciers and attractions of this US National Park in the southern part of the state of Alaska. The map of webcams will show where each live webcam is located on the territory of the Katmai National Park.

Brief information about Katmai National Park

Katmai National Park is a national park and preserve in the United States, known for its stunning natural beauty, diverse ecosystems and unique geological features. This is an amazing place for lovers of wildlife and outdoor activities.

Katmai National Park is located in the north of the Alaska Peninsula in the southern part of the state of Alaska. It is bordered by the Shelikov Strait to the east, Cook Inlet to the west and Bristol Bay to the north. It is known for its unique and picturesque landscapes. There are volcanoes, glaciers, fjords, mountains, forests and coastal areas.

Katmai National Park was founded on December 2, 1980 with the aim of preserving the volcanic landscape and untouched wildlife of the Katmai region. The park was named after a large active stratovolcano of Mount Katmai.

Katmai is known for its large population of brown bears, especially in the Brooks River area. In addition, moose, wolves, bald eagles and many species of marine life here.

For guests, the reserve is open all year round without weekends and holidays. There is no charge for the entrance ticket. However, there are additional tourist services on the territory of the park, for whose services payment is required. They work during the period from June 1 to September 17, when the largest flow of travelers is observed. There are strict rules on the territory of the park to protect both the natural resources of the park and visitors.

How to get to Katmai National Park

The National Park is located in southern Alaska about 420 km from the Anchorage, largest city of Alaska. There are only two ways to get to the park: by water or by air. Direct charter flights from major cities of Alaska (Anchorage, King Salmon, Dillingham) are organized for tourist groups.

Traveling by sea will allow you to get to the Pacific coast of the National Park. From King Salom to Brooks Camp, you can swim by motor boat.

Attractions of Katmai National Park

As for the key attractions in the national park, they can be counted on the fingers. But, despite this, the impressions of a walk through the reserve will last for many years.

– Katmai volcano: It is the main attractions Katmai National Park. Its attraction lies in the fact that it is an active volcano. The height of the Katmai volcano is 2047 meters above sea level and it has very steep slopes.

Katmai volcano is also attractive for its picturesque lake was formed in its caldera for long period, the beauty of which can be contemplated for an infinitely long time. The diameter of this lake is 1.5 km, and the depth in some places reaches 200 meters.

– The Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes: It is one of the most striking and memorable attractions of the Katmai National Park. This unique nature object of its kind was formed after a grand eruption in 1912. The main feature of this place is that the entire surface of the earth is represented by a large number of fumaroles, through which huge flows of incandescent lava with gas and steam splash out.

– Photo bear hunting: In addition to excursions to the main attractions of the Katmai National Park, guests of this wonderful place can become participants in a photo hunting for brown bears, which there are a lot. According to official statistics, the territory of Katmai is home to a population more then 2,100 bears. The greatest activity of bears is observed from June to October, when they go to the Brooks Falls waterfall in whole flocks.

Safari tours, hiking, photo bear hunting, and kayaking are only a small part of the possible entertainment available to visitors who arrive of the Katmai National Park. An excursion to the reserve will give boundless pleasure and a lot of positive emotions from local nature, flora and fauna.

Katmai National Park Live Webcams give great opportunitie to see in real time the incredible beauty of local landscapes, the hunting of brown bears for fish, and, possibly the eruption of the Katmai volcano.