Live Webcams in Manaus

Live webcams in Manaus show in real time the streets, squares, historic center, views from restaurants and hotels, seaport, parks, beaches and attractions of this city and capital of the state of Amazonas in northeastern Brazil. Live webcams show panoramic views of the city, the surrounding nature and the weather conditions in Manaus. Some webcams broadcast images with sound. The most popular webcams are at the top of the broadcasting list. A map of webcams shows the exact location of each live webcam in Manaus.

Brief information about Manaus

Manaus is a city and the capital of the state of Amazonas in northeastern Brazil. It is located in the middle of the Amazon rainforest at the confluence of the Rio Negro and the Amazon River in northeastern Brazil. Manaus is also the main port and the largest transportation hub to the upper Amazon basin.

Manaus is the largest economic, industrial, transportation, and cultural center in northeastern Brazil. The city produces soap, chemicals and electronic equipment. Shipbuilding, oil refining and brewing are also developed.

The city is known for its luxurious Teatro Amazonas, a symbol of Manaus’ wealth during the rubber boom, and the Adolfo Lisboa Municipal Market, which offers a wide variety of fresh fruits, spices, and regional products.

Climate in Manaus

Manaus has a tropical monsoonal climate with high temperatures and significant rainfall throughout the year. The climate is characterized by distinct dry and wet seasons. The rainy season lasts from December to May and the dry season from June to November. Average temperatures throughout the year range from +24°C to +32°C (75°F to 90°F).

Manaus Attractions

The main attractions in the city of Manaus include:

– Teatro Amazonas (Amazonas Theater), the opera house of Manaus and the site of the annual Festival Amazonas de Ópera (Festival Amazonas de Ópera);

– Praia da Ponta Negra beach on the banks of the Rio Negro with golden sand and infrastructure, located north of the city center of Manaus;

– Palácio Rio Negro (Palácio Rio Negro), a beautiful historic mansion that today houses a cultural center that hosts art exhibitions, concerts and performances;

– The Indian Museum (Museu do Índio), where you can see artifacts and exhibits and learn a lot about the diverse indigenous communities of the Amazon.

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