Bavaria Live Webcams

Live webcams in Bavaria show real time views of cities, resorts, nature, national parks, lakes, forests, rivers and attractions of this state in the southeast of Germany. Some of the webcams stream images with sound. The most popular webcams are located at the top of the streaming list. Each of the live webcams has an informative description and a map with its location in the state of Germany. The map on this page displays the exact location of each webcam in Bavaria.

Bavaria, officially the Free State of Bavaria, is one of the 16 federal states of Germany, which has the status of a free state. Bavaria is located in the south of Germany and is bordered by Thuringia to the north, Saxony to the northeast, Baden-Württemberg to the west, Hesse to the northwest, the Czech Republic to the northeast, and Austria to the southeast and south.

Bavaria has a population of over 13.1 million people, and an area of 70.5 thousand km². Bavaria ranks first in area and second in population among the federal states within the Federal Republic of Germany.

The capital and the largest city of Bavaria is Munich.

The largest cities in Bavaria are Munich, Nuremberg, Augsburg, Regensburg, Ingolstadt, Fürth, Würzburg, Erlangen, Bamberg and Bayreuth.

The most famous sights of Bavaria: The Altmühltal Nature Park, the Old Town of Nuremberg, Callenberg Castle near the town of Coburg, Faber-Castell Castle in the town of Stein, Mainberg Castle on the banks of the Main River near the town of Schweinfurt, Zugspitze Mountain Peakб which is the highest mountain in Germany whith 2962 meters above sea level.