Leavenworth Live Webcams

Leavenworth Live Webcams broadcast streets, squares, views from restaurants and hotels, the surrounding nature and attractions of this resort city in Shelan County in the state of Washington. The map the webcams will show located every live webcam in Leavenworth. Live webcams will show the weather condition in the city of Leavenworth.

Brief information about Leavenworth

Leavenworth is a city in Shelan County in the state of Washington in the northwestern United States, known for its Bavarian—style architecture, picturesque nature and vibrant cultural life. Leavenworth is a popular all-season resort in Washington State. The city center is rebuilt likeness German Bavarian village.

The city is located in the eastern foot of the Cascade Range, approximately 190 km (120 mi) east of Seattle. It was founded in 1885 as a logging village and developed rapidly due to the production of wood and trade by rail. In 1906, it received the status of a city.

In the 1960s, in order to attract tourists and revive the economy, Leavenworth was rebuilt into a picturesque German Bavarian village. Most of the buildings in the city center were rebuilt in the architectural style of the Bavarian village. However, the city has wide streets and large parking lots, which is not typical of Bavaria. Today, the area of the city is 3.4 km2, it is home to about 2,263 people.

Leavenworth is known for many annual festivals. For example: the Bavarian Ice Festival (January), El Fest (April), Maifest (May), the Icicle Creek Chamber Music Festival (July), The Autumn Leaf Festival (September), Oktoberfest in October and the Christmas Lighting Ceremony (December). In the city there are many restaurants and bars offering German and local cuisine.

Climate in Leavenworth

Leavenworth has a continental Mediterranean climate with warm sunny summers and cold snowy winters. The location of the city in the eastern foothills of the Cascade Range has a significant impact on the local climate. There is little precipitation, about 550 mm per year. The Cascade Range serves as a barrier to the invasion of warm humid air from the Pacific Ocean. Most of the precipitation falls in the autumn and winter months.

Summer in Leavenworth is warm and sunny with daytime temperatures up to +25 °C. July is the warmest month of the year and the peak of the tourist season.

Winter is cold and snowy. Sometimes in winter there are thaws when the air temperature rises to +4 °C. The weather in winter promotes winter sports. Nearby is the popular Stevens Pass Ski area.

Leavenworth Live Webcams will allow you to take a virtual trip to this beautiful and amazing city in the state of Washington.