Leavenworth - Front Street Live Cam, Washington

Live webcam shows Front Street in the city Leavenworth, Washington.


Leavenworth is a resort city in the United States located in the southeast of the North Cascades National Park in Chelan County, Washington, 210 km east of Seattle. It represents a picturesque Bavarian village with German and Alpine style buildings.

Leavenworth is the only settlement in the United States in the Bavarian style. The city hosts many annual festivals: the Bavarian Ice Festival in January, Leavenworth Ale Fest in April, Maifest in May, the Icicle Creek Chamber Music Festival in July, The Autumn Leaf Festival (Autumn Leaf Festival in September, Leavenworth’s Oktoberfest in October, and the Leavenworth Christmas Lighting Ceremony in December.

Beautiful Bavarian architecture, picturesque nature and annual festivals attract many tourists from all over the world to Leavenworth and make it a popular tourist destination in the state of Washington.