Live Webcam Downtown Chicago, Illinois

Live webcam shows Downtown Chicago in the State of Illinois, the USA.


Downtown Chicago is central business and cultural district of Chicago and the second largest financial and commercial center in the United States after Manhattan in New York City. It is home to many stores, malls, boutiques, restaurants, bars, hotels, and some of the city’s most famous and popular attractions. Downtown Chicago is divided into four neighborhoods: North Side, South Side, West Side, and the Chicago Loop, which occupies most of the Business District. The Chicago Loop is home to the Chicago Stock Exchange (CHX) and the offices and headquarters of international and local corporations. Downtown Chicago is built up with the highest skyscrapers in the Western Hemisphere, including the 108-storey The Willis Tower with 420 meters high, which is the highest skyscraper in the United States. Downtown Chicago is home to parks, the Navy Pier and such popular beaches as Ohio Street Beach and Oak Street Beach. Live webcam shows the view to Downtown Chicago, Grant Park with Buckingham Fountain and Monroe Harbor in the State of Illinois