Friedrichshafen Live Webcams

Live webcams in Friedrichshafen shows real-time views of streets, squares, hotels, restaurants, parks, promenades, and attractions of this city on the northern shore of Lake Constance in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg in Germany. Live webcams show panoramic views of the city, its surrounding nature, and the weather conditions in Friedrichshafen from anywhere in the world. Some of the webcams stream images with sound. The most popular webcams are located at the top of the streaming list. Each of the live webcams has an informative description and a map with its location in the city. The map on this page displays the exact location of each webcam in Friedrichshafen.

Friedrichshafen is located in a bay on the northern shore of Lake Constance in southwestern Germany, near the border with Austria. Friedrichshafen has a population of about 58,000 and an area of about 70 km².

Friedrichshafen was founded in 1811 and is now it is the one of the largest of industrial cities in Germany. The city hosts many international trade shows each year,, including, for example, the AERO general aviation trade show, the Tuning World Bodensee car tuning exhibition, the Interboot water sports exhibition, the Eurobike bicycle exhibition and the Hamfest trade show.

The climate in Friedrichshafen is moderately warm, with plenty of rainfall throughout the year. Summers are pleasant and humid, while winters are cool and sometimes cold.

Friedrichshafen’s main attractions include the Zeppelin Museum, the Adenauer Square, the Friedrichshafen waterfront, and the Catholic Church of St. Nicholas.