Grand Targhee Resort - Dreamcatcher Lift Live Cam

Live webcam shows the bottom station of the Dreamcatcher Lift at Grand Taree Resort.


Grand Tari Resort is a year-round mountain resort located on the western slope of the Teton Range in northwest Wyoming in the USA, surrounded by the Caribou-Targhee National Forest. Due to the huge amount of snow (more than 12.7 m per year) Grand Taree Resort is one of the snowiest ski resorts in the USA. There is more snow here than at the neighboring, more famous Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. The winter season at Grand Targhee Resort due from late November to late April, and the summer season from mid-June to late September. The resort has a total area of 10.5 km², 72 ski slopes with the maximum altitude difference is 692 m and equipped five elevators.