Live Webcam Colima Volcano, Mexico

Live webcam shows Colima volcano in Mexico in real time.


The Colima volcano (Spanish: Volcán de Colima) stands as the most active volcano in Mexico and across North America, having experienced over 40 eruptions since 1576. Notably, it is also regarded as the most perilous volcano in Mexico due to its proximity to numerous settlements, with over 300,000 people residing within a 50-kilometer radius.

Situated in the state of Jalisco in Western Mexico, this volcano lies 80 kilometers to the east of the Pacific coast and 165 kilometers south of the state capital, Guadalajara. The Colima volcano is characterized by two distinct conical peaks: the Nevado de Colima, also referred to as Tzapotépetl, towering at an elevation of 4,625 meters, and the active Colima volcano, which reaches a height of 3,846 meters. Frequently, the Colima volcano draws comparisons to Mount Vesuvius, given its status as Mexico’s most active volcano.