Parliament Building Live Webcam, Quebec

Live webcam shows the Parliament Building of Quebec in the heart of Quebec City, Canada.


The Quebec Parliament Building, known as ‘Hotel du Parlement du Quebec’ in French, is a magnificent eight-story structure nestled in Quebec, serving as the legislative heart of the French-speaking Canadian province of Quebec. This architectural gem is centrally located in Quebec City, a mere 950 meters from the historic Citadelle of Quebec.

Designed by the talented architect Eugene-Etienne Tache, the building’s construction commenced in 1886 and showcases the exquisite Second Empire architectural style, also known as Napoleon III style. Notably, it stands as the sole edifice in North America to be built in this distinctive architectural fashion. The Parliament Building reaches a height of 52 meters when considering its tower, and its facade is adorned with sculptures paying homage to prominent figures in Canadian history.

A pivotal moment in Quebec’s history unfolded on January 21, 1948, when the Quebec flag was hoisted above the building, replacing the British flag. This symbolic act marked the beginning of the province’s path to independence from the British Empire.

In a wonderful addition to the surroundings, the Parliament Gardens and the enchanting Fontaine de Tourny were unveiled on July 3, 2007. This splendid addition celebrated Quebec’s rich history as the province geared up for its 400th anniversary in 2008. These gardens and the fountain now grace the square in front of the Parliament Building, providing a serene and picturesque setting for visitors and locals alike to enjoy.