University of Washington - Red Square Live Webcam, Seattle

Live webcam shows the Red Square of the University of Washington, Seattle.


Red Square is the large square in the center of the main campus of the University of Washington in Seattle. It is paved with red brick, from which it got its name.

The square is surrounded by historical buildings, among them: the Suzzallo Library in the east, which is the main library of the university, Herberding Hall in the southeast, where the university administration is located, the Charles E. Odegaard Undergraduate Library (OUGL) in the northwest, and Kane Hall with lecture halls in the northeast.

The statue of George Washington and the Broken Obelisk sculpture, created by Barnett Newman in 1967, stand on the square. Red Square is the center of the University of Washington in Seattle and the venue for student mass events, concerts, festivals and processions.