Live Webcam Mori Point Park, Pacifica

Live webcam shows Mori Point Park in a city of Pacifica, California, the USA.


Mori Point is is a 0.4 km2 (110-acre) park located on the Pacific coast in the city of Pacifica, California. It offers beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean, beaches, and cliffs in an area of Pacifica. There are hiking trails through the park, some of which overlook Pacifica Beach Park. Mori Point is bordered by Sharp Park Golf Course and Laguna Salada, which is a small freshwater lake. The city of Pacifica is located 25 km south of Downtown San Francisco and stretches along the Pacific Coast for 9.7 km. The city is known as one of the best places in the region for fishing and crabbing, surfing, mountain biking, and hiking. The webcam is set up near Pacifica Pier and shows Pacifica Beach Park in the foreground and Mori Point Park in the background.