Plaza of Spain Live Webcam, Santo Domingo

Live webcam shows the Plaza de Espana in Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic.

Picture from Plaza of Spain, Santo Domingo online camera in , Dominican Republic

Plaza España, or Spanish Square, stands as one of the focal points in Santo Domingo, the vibrant capital of the Dominican Republic. This iconic square, located on the right bank of the Ozama River, holds a place of pride in the city’s historic heart, known as the Colonial City of Santo Domingo. It is nestled between the charming streets of Mercedes and La Atarazana.

At the heart of Plaza España lies the Alcazar de Colon Palace, a historical gem and the oldest viceroy’s residence throughout the Americas. In its heyday, the palace boasted 52 rooms, multiple courtyards, and enchanting gardens.

Also gracing the Plaza de España is the Museum of the Royal Houses, housed in a magnificent 16th-century Renaissance mansion. This institution, founded in 1511 under the patronage of King Ferdinand II of Aragon, offers visitors a captivating journey through history.

Dominating the square’s center stands a statue of Nicolas de Ovando, the Spanish conquistador, governor, and founder of the Colonial City. Plaza de España is affectionately known as the ‘Square of Sunstroke,’ a nod to the challenge of finding respite from the relentless tropical sun. Trees are a rare sight, limited to the square’s periphery, making shaded spots precious in this inviting yet sun-drenched oasis.