The World Famous Cats Meow Live Webcam, New Orleans

Live webcam shows The World Famous Cats Meow Karaoke Bar in New Orleans, Louisiana.


The World Famous Cats Meow Karaoke Bar is located on the corner of Bourbon Street and St. Peter Street in the heart of the historic French Quarter of New Orleans. It is considered one of the best karaoke bars in the United States and will offer great service and top-notch entertainment. The karaoke Bar’s building has two balconies overlooking the famous Bourbon Street and a small courtyard. This live webcam shows the stage of The World Famous Cats Meow karaoke bar, through it you can watch live the singers and artists on stage at the karaoke bar.

Bourbon Street is one of the oldest streets in the French Quarter in New Orleans and one of the main attractions of the city. It is known for its many boutiques, bars, and strip clubs. The street is built with old houses with beautiful balconies and terraces. It is the center of nightlife both in New Orleans and the state of Louisiana