Zocalo Square Live Webcam, Mexico City

Live webcam shows the Zocalo Square in the heart of Mexico City.


The Zocalo Square (Spanish: Plaza del Zocalo), also known as Constitution Square (Spanish: Plaza de la Constitucion), stands as the principal square in Mexico City, the capital of Mexico. This square is not only the largest in Latin America but also ranks among the world’s most expansive plazas. Characterized by its rectangular shape, the Zocalo Square is bordered by Baroque-style edifices that add to its grandeur.

A plethora of notable attractions graces the Zocalo Square’s surroundings. To the east lies the National Palace, while the Federal District buildings dominate the southern side. To the north, the Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral takes center stage, and the Old Portal de Mercaderes graces the western periphery. Additionally, at the north-western corner of the square, you’ll find the Nacional Monte de Piedad building.

This historic square occupies the very location where the Palace of Montezuma II once stood in the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan. Today, the Zocalo Square ranks as one of Mexico City’s premier tourist destinations. It boasts a multitude of dining establishments, cafes, shops, shopping centers, and hotels in close proximity.

For those with an interest in history, the Palace of the Marquis del Apartado is just a short walk north of the Zocalo Square. This structure, constructed between 1795 and 1805, was built atop one of the pyramids from the Aztec capital city of Tenochtitlan, offering a unique blend of historical significance and architectural charm.