Tangier Panorama Live Webcam, Morocco

Live webcam shows a panorama of Tangier City, Morocco.

Picture from Panorama Tangier Morocco online camera in Tangier, Morocco

Tangier is a city and a major port of Morocco located on the coast of the Strait of Gibraltar in the north of the country, 23 km the east of Cape Spartel, the most northwestern point of mainland Africa. Tangier is the second largest economic and industrial center of Morocco after Casablanca, it houses the metallurgical, textile, chemical and military industries. Tourism plays an important role in the economy of Tangier, the city is very popular with tourists, especially from Europe.

Tourists are attracted by the rich history, magnificent sandy beaches, a lot of museums, and the Tangier’s Medina District (the Old Town of Tangier) with narrow streets, arches and the ancient the Kasbah Fortress. The city’s main attractions is the Caves of Hercules, located 14 km west of the city center of Tangier.

In Tangier a mediterranean climate with hot sunny summers and warm humid winters, with more rainfall than any other places of North Africa. The live webcam let watch the panorama of Tangier and the seaport of Tangier, which has carries out ferry communication with the city of Tarifa in Spain.