Live Webcam Santa Maria Beach, Sal Island

The overview live webcam shows the Santa Maria Beach on the south coast of the Sal Island, Cape Verde.


Santa Maria Beach, a stunning expanse of golden sandy shoreline, graces the city of Santa Maria in the southern region of Sal Island, part of Cape Verde. Located 20 kilometers south of the island’s capital, Espargos, this beach ranks among the most sought-after destinations on Sal Island. It stretches from the heart of Santa Maria all the way to the island’s southernmost point, Ponta do Sino.

With its finely textured sands extending for about 2 kilometers and stretching up to 150 meters in width, Santa Maria Beach offers the perfect setting for an idyllic beach vacation. The beach provides sun loungers, umbrellas, and a host of amenities to enhance your seaside experience. Along its entire length, you’ll find a vibrant array of restaurants, cafes, and hotels catering to the needs of visitors.

For those seeking panoramic vistas, the Santa Maria Pier offers a mesmerizing view of the beach and the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean beyond. Adding to the allure, the island hosts the Santa Maria Music Festival, known as the Festival da Praia de Santa Maria, attracting music enthusiasts from around the globe each year.

Cape Verde, an island nation situated within the eponymous archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, lies approximately 600 kilometers off the coast of Africa. European tourists flock to Cape Verde to revel in its stunning natural beauty and exquisite beaches. Water sports enthusiasts, in particular, are drawn to Sal Island for activities like diving and snorkeling, thanks to its remarkable coral reefs. Santa Maria, within Sal Island, stands as one of the world’s top five destinations for surfing and windsurfing, solidifying its reputation as a global hub for these thrilling water sports.