Live Webcam Batsi Beach, Greece

Live webcam shows the Batsi Beach on Andros island in Greece.


Batsi is a small fishing village located in a picturesque bay of the Aegean Sea, on the western coast of Andros Island in Greece. Along the coast of the bay stretches the Batsi Beach with a length of 500 m, and it has the embankment with various hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes and taverns. The seawater in the bay warms up very quickly and very warm during the swimming season, also the beach has smooth descent into seawater. Strong waves are rare on the Batsi Beach and are only with a southwesterly wind. The Batsi Beach has many facilities such as sun loungers, umbrellas, changing rooms, shower, and various water activities. Batsi village has bus connections to the settlements and cities on Andros Island.