Live Webcam Sparta Central Square, Greece

Live webcam shows the Central Square of the city of Sparta in the Peloponnese, Greece.

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Sparta is a town and municipality in Laconia in Greece located at an altitude of 210 m above sea level in the southern part of the Peloponnese peninsula, 153 km (95 mi) southwest of Athens and 28 km (17 mi) east of Kalamata. The area of the city is 21.6 km², it is home to about 16,239 people. The main attractions of Sparta include: The Acropolis of Sparta, Temple of Artemis Orthia, Acropolis and Ancient Theater, The Castle of Mistras, Tomb of Leonidas in Sparta, Leonidas Monument and more. ​The Central Square of Sparta is located in the heart of the town and is the place for social and cultural events. Sparta City Hall and Spartan Hero Statue are seated on the Central Square of Sparta. Today, Sparta Central Square is one of the most popular places for walking and relax in the town.