Live Webcam Elafonisos Harbor, Greece

Live webcam shows the harbor of Elafonisos village on the island of Elafonisos, Greece.

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Elafonisos is a small Greek island located in the Lakonikos Gulf of the Aegean Sea between the Peloponnese and the island of Kythira, near the southeastern tip of the Peloponnese. The area of this small island 19.9 km² (7.7 sq mi), it is home to about 1041 people, it’s the length of coastline is about 30 km. Fishing and tourist services are the basis of the economy of Elafonisos Island. There are many white sandy beaches with the crystal clean seawater, and beautiful landscapes, and a lot of attractions. Elafonisos Town is the capital and the port of Elafonissos located on the northern tip of the island. Live webcam is located at the seafront in Elafonisos village and displays the harbor and the church of Agios Spiridon in the background. This small church located on a rock opposite Elafonisos seafront and a narrow bridge connects the church of Agios Spiridon to the village.