Live Webcam Agios Spiridon Beach, Paleokastritsa

Live webcam shows the Agios Spiridon Beach in Paleokastritsa village in the northwestern Corfu Island, Greece.

Picture from Agios Spiridon Beach online camera in ,

Paleokastritsa is a village located on the northwest coast of Corfu Island of Ionian Islands in Greece, 20 km northwest of the city of Corfu – the capital of the Corfu regional unit. The area of the village is ​​48.4 km², it has a population about 240 people. Paleokastritsa is a picturesque and popular resort of Corfu and attract many tourists its picturesque bays, magnificent sandy beaches, and beautiful nature. The name of the village comes from the nearby old castle of Angelocastro (“Angel Castle”) located only a few kilometres to the north of the village. Paleokastritsa has many picturesque beaches located in small bays of the Ionian Sea, among them Ampelaki Beach, Agios Petros Beach, Agios Spiridon Beach, Verderosa Beach, Agia Triada Beach and other. This live webcam displays you the Agios Spiridon Beach in the scenic same name bay. ​It is the most famous and beautiful beach in Paleokastritsa and the only village’s beach covered only by sand. Near the beach you can find some excellent spots for food & drinks.