Live Webcam Batsi Harbor, Greece

Live webcam shows the harbor and the seaport of Batsi on the island of Andros, Greece.


Batsi is a coastal fishing village located in a small bay on the western coast of Andros island in the Aegean Sea, 8 km away from Gavrio, and 27 km from Andros Town (Chora). It is the most popular resort in Andros with many restaurants, hotels, taverns and cafes. In the resort area of Batsi is many sandy beaches with very clean seawater, amenities and water activities. Andros Island is part the Cyclades Islands and located in the central part of the Aegean Sea, 6 km north of the Euboea Island. The island of Andros well-known beautiful nature, mountain ranges, scenic coastal cliffs, magnificent beaches, citrus groves, olive and fig valleys.