Live Webcam Akti Kanari Beach, Rhodes City

Live webcam shows the Akti Kanari Beach in the city of Rhodes on the northern tip of Rhodes Island, Greece.


Akti Kanari Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of the city of Rhodes, located at the northern tip of Rhodes Island in the Aegean Sea in Greece. The beach is located in the city center of Rhodes, 1 km south of the Aquarium of Rhodes. The beach is about 560 meters long and up to 60 meters wide. Akti Kanari Beach has sun loungers and umbrellas rental, changing rooms, showers and other the beach infrastructure. The beach is very popular for surfing and windsurfing thanks to excellent wind and wave conditions. Akti Kanari Street runs along the beach with a lot of hotels, restaurants, bars, and cafes. Free parking is available nearby the beach. Rhodes City is one of the popular tourist destinations in Greece well-known its many attractions, the most popular of which are the Fortress of Rhodes, the Suleymaniye Mosque, Acropolis of Rhodes City on Monte Smith Hill, as well as the Old City of Rhodes surrounded by medieval walls with seven gates.