Live Webcam Miaouli Square, Ermoupoli

Live webcam shows Miaulis Square in the city of Ermoupolis on Syros Island, Greece.

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Miaouli Square is the main square of the city of Ermoupolis on the Island of Syros in Greece, it was designed by the Bavarian architect Wilhelm von Weiler in the early 19th century. Initially, it was called Othonos Square (Greek: Πλατεία Όθωνος), in honor of the first king of Greece, Otto I. In 1889, the square was renamed “Miaouli Square” in honor Andreas Miaoulis, a Greek revolutionary, admiral, and politician who commanded Greek naval forces during the Greek War of Independence (1821–1829). The Town Hall of Ermoupolis designed by Ernst Ziller is located in Miaouli Square, while the statue of admiral Andreas Miaoulis seated in the center of the square.