Live Stream Flamingo, Kimberley

Live webcam shows a flamingo nursery near the city of Kimberley in South Africa.


Kimberley is a city and the capital of the North Cape province in South Africa, located in the Vaal River valley in the central part of the country, 167 km west of Bloemfontein and 460 km southwest of Johannesburg. Its area is 90.4 km², it home more than 211 thousand people. The Kimberley has a tropical monsoon climate with hot humid summers and warm dry winters. In summer (from December to February) the temperature can reach + 32 °C, and in winter (from June to August) the temperature at around + 18 °C. The rainiest period in summer, the maximum amount of precipitation is about 420 mm per year. In winter period precipitation practically is not in Kimberley. The city is famous by a large number of parks and gardens, as well as the ancient tourist trams in the historical center of Kimberley. The live webcam displays the area at the Vaal River near the city of Kimberley, which is a breeding ground for flamingos. Also can see other animals coming to the watering hole at the river.