Live Webcam Saint Peter's Square, Vatican

Live webcam shows St. Peter's Square in the Vatican City.


Saint Peter’s Square is the main and only square in the Vatican City State, it is located in front of Saint Peter’s Basilica. The square was built between 1656 and 1667 and considered one of the most beautiful and famous squares in all the world. An ancient Egyptian obelisk of pink granite 25 meters high rises in the center of the square dated to the 1st century. The obelisk was delivered from Heliopolis, an important city of Ancient Egypt, located northeast of modern Cairo. Two fountains there are to the north and south of the Egyptian obelisk: the Bernini Fountain (Italian: Fontana del Bernini) and the Maderno Fountain (Italian: Fontana del Maderno). St. Peter’s Square is a place of pilgrimage for Catholics from all over the world. On Wednesdays and Sundays at 11 am, as well as on religious holidays, you can listen to the pope’s sermons on St. Peter’s Square. A white line drawn between St. Peter’s Square and Rome – this is the state border between the Vatican City State and Italy.