Live Stream Medina

Live stream from the city of Medina in Saudi Arabia.


Medina is the second holiest city in Islam after Mecca and administrative center of the Mecca Province of Saudi Arabia. It is located in the historical Hejaz region in western Saudi Arabia, approximately 200 km east of the Red Sea coast. In the city center of Medina located Al-Masjid an-Nabawi built by the Islamic prophet Muhammad. It is the second shrine in Islam after the Mosque al-Haram in Mecca. Medina and Mecca are the main places of pilgrimage for a large number of Muslims. According to the laws of Saudi Arabia, non-Muslims are prohibited to visit Mecca and Medina. The city of Medina has a hot desert climate with high temperature all year round. The air temperature from June to September often exceeds +35 °C, and quite often can exceed +45 °C. Medina is one of the hottest and driest large cities in the world, rainfall usually is not here.