Live Webcam Kaohsiung, Cijin Island

The overview live webcam showing a real-time view of Kaohsiung City from Cijin Island in Taiwan.


Cijin Island is a long and narrow island in Kaohsiung, Republic of China(Taiwan), separating Kaohsiung Harbor from the South China Sea. It is a natural breakwater that protects the harbor from strong waves. Qijin Island is part of the Qijin District (English: Qijin District, Chinese: 旗津區), which includes a number of islets in the South China Sea. The island is about 8.5 kilometers long and reaches a width of 400 meters at its widest part.

Today, Qijin Island is a popular tourist area of Kaohsiung with the best restaurants, interesting sights, magnificent parks and beaches. Some of the most famous attractions in the Qijin district include the Kaohsiung Lighthouse (Kaohsiung Lighthouse, Chinese. 高雄燈塔) located on a hill in the northern part of the island at the entrance to Kaohsiung Bay, the ancient Chichou Fort (旗後砲台), Qijin Mazu Temple, Rainbow Church (旗津彩虹教堂) and others.

There is a long sandy beach with very dark sand almost along the entire island, on the coast of the South China Sea. The beach has a well-developed beach infrastructure, and in the evening you can enjoy beautiful sunsets over the sea. In the northwestern part of the island is Mount Cihou Hill with a large park, which offers a beautiful view of both Qijin Island and a panoramic view of the center of the island.