Live Webcam Shitiping Rocky Coast, Taiwan

Live webcam shows a real-time view of the Shitiping Rocky Coast in Taiwan.


Shitiping (Chinese: 石梯坪遊憩風景區) is a scenic rocky coastline and tourist area on the east coast of Taiwan Island, known for its beautiful cliffs, boulders and small islands near the coast. The marine life here is rich, with many crabs and tropical fish, starfish and sea cucumbers, shrimp and clams living in the area’s waters. The rocky coastline of Shitipin is popular with fishermen and snorkeling and diving enthusiasts due to the presence of picturesque coral reefs. There are hiking trails and observation decks along the coast, and a harbor with fishing boats and launches is nearby.

Shitiping Rocky Coast is one of the best places in Taiwan to enjoy scenic landscapes and magnificent views of the Pacific Ocean. Shitiping is also the capital of whale and dolphin watching on Taiwan Island, with many whales and dolphins appearing in the Pacific Ocean every summer. You can rent a boat at the local harbor or book an eco-tour to go whale watching in the Pacific Ocean.