Live Webcam Keelung, Heping Island Park

The overview live webcam showing the Heping Island Park in Keelung City, Taiwan.


Keelung (Chinese: 基隆市) is a city and the second largest seaport in Taiwan after the port of Kaohsiung City. It is located on the shore of the deep-water harbor of the East China Sea of the Pacific Ocean on the north coast of Taiwan Island, Keelung is part of the metropolitan area and borders Xinbei City (New Taipei) and Taipei City, the capital of the island. The city covers an area of 132.76 square kilometers and is home to about 361 thousand people.

The climate is humid subtropical with high rainfall throughout the year due to the proximity of a warm current off the southern and eastern coasts of Japan in the Pacific Ocean. Jilong is called the Rainy City, or also Rainy Port, and is considered one of the rainiest and gloomiest cities in the entire world. Summers are long and hot, while winters are short and very warm. During the winter and spring months there are often heavy fogs.

The overview live stream webcam is located in Heping Island Park (Chinese: 和平島公園) and shows the coastline of Jilong City. Heping Island is located near the entrance to the harbor of Jilong City and is connected to it by several bridges.