Live Webcam Sanxiantai Arch Bridge, Taiwan

Live webcam shows the Sanxiantai Arch Bridge in Sanxiantai Park on the southeast coast of Taiwan.


Sanxiantai Park is located near Chenggong Village in Taidong County on the southeastern coast of Taiwan Island, 65 kilometers north of Taidong City. It includes a beautiful rocky coastline with a long beach, coral reefs and caves, several islands and a scenic green park sprouting rare plants.

Sanxiantai Park is known as one of the most scenic spots on the entire east coast of Taiwan and is a popular tourist attraction. Here you can enjoy beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean, hike the trails in the park and relax on the large pebble beach. Sanxiantai Park is one of the easternmost places in Taiwan, many tourists come to this beautiful place to welcome the first rays of sunshine on the island.

The main attraction of the park is the sea dragon-shaped Sanshiantai Arch Pedestrian Bridge (Chinese: 三仙台跨海步橋). The Sanxiantai Bridge connects the east coast of Taiwan Island to the rocky island of Sanxiantai, which is lined with hiking trails and observation decks.