Live Webcam Alishan National Reserve, Taiwan

Live webcam showing a panorama of the Alishan National Reserve on the island of Taiwan.


Alishan Mountain Range (Chinese: 阿里山山脈) is located in the south-central part of Taiwan Island. It is home to Alishan National Nature Park (Chinese: 阿里山國家風景區), a 415 km² nature reserve and a popular tourist destination in Taiwan.

The park is known for its stunning natural beauty, with picturesque mountain scenery, waterfalls, bamboo forests, cliffs, and highland tea plantations. Numerous mountain hiking trails and viewing platforms are scattered throughout the park.

Mount Yushan, towering at 3952 meters, is the highest peak in East Asia. Taiwan’s largest rivers, the Zhoshui (濁水溪), Zengwen(曾文溪), and Danshui (淡水河), originate from this mountain. Mount Yushan is considered one of the main symbols and a must-visit tourist attraction in Taiwan. It is accessible by Alishan Forest Railway from Chiayi City (Chinese: 嘉義市).

Through the webcam, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Chiayi City, and on clear sunny days, you can even catch sight of Budai City (布袋) and Dongshi City (東石) on the west coast of Taiwan Island. In the evening, the webcam captures stunning sunsets over Taiwan with the twinkling lights of Chiayi’s night cityscape.