Live Webcams Shanghai Panorama, China

Live webcam shows a panoramic view of the Shanghai Downtown in China.


Shanghai (Chinese: 上海,) is China’s largest city by population, the world’s largest seaport, the largest financial center in East Asia, and one of the world’s leading financial centers along with New York, London and Tokyo. Today, it covers an area of about 6,341 km² and has a population of over 24.8 million.

Shanghai is located on the banks of the Huangpu River, on the coast of the East China Sea in western China. Shanghai has a large number of attractions and places for outdoor activities, but the most important and famous include: The Oriental Pearl Radio & Television Tower with a height of 468 meters, The Shanghai French Concession (法国租界), Yu Yuan Garden Park, Qibao Ancient Town and many more.

The climate is humid subtropical with long humid summers and short warm winters. The average temperature during the summer months is +30°C and often drops below 0°C in winter. Rainfall is highest during the summer months and is quite high. Rainfall is much lower in the winter.