Live Webcam Panorama Nyingchi, China

Live webcam shows a panorama of Nyingchi Сity in China.


Nyingchi (Chinese: 林芝市) is a small city in China, located 3040 meters above sea level in the southeastern Tibet Autonomous Region. Nyingchi is developing as a resort, and in 2007, a new airport, Nyingchi Airport (Chinese: 林芝机场, English: Nyingchi Mainling Airport), was built south of the city to increase tourist traffic. The city is surrounded by snow-capped mountain ranges, and the largest and most primitive forest area in China with rich flora and fauna stretches around it.

Bengal tigers, leopards, bears, monkeys, antelopes, pandas, and more than 165 kinds of medicinal herbs and mushrooms grow near the city. Rice, peanuts, walnuts, apples, oranges, lemons, grapes, sugarcane, and bananas are grown in and around the city. The climate is subtropical highland with high rainfall throughout the year. Summers are hot with an average temperature of +22 °C, and winters are relatively warm.