Live Webcam Panorama Taipei, Taiwan

Live webcam shows a panorama of the city of Taipei in Taiwan.


Taipei is the capital of the Republic of China (Taiwan), a partially recognized state in East Asia that includes the entire island of Taiwan, as well as the smaller neighboring islands of Penghu, Jinmen, and Matsu, and several other tiny islands. According to the official Chinese position, Taipei serves as the capital of Taiwan Province within the PRC. Taipei is the fourth largest city in Taiwan, after Xinbei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung. It covers an area of 271.8 square kilometers and is home to about 2.7 million people.

Taipei is located in the Taipei Basin in the northern part of the island. To the southwest it borders New Taipei City, or also Xinbei, with which Taipei forms an agglomeration of over 8 million people. To the southeast, Taipei is bordered by the Songshan Hills and the Qingshui Gorge, which are covered with dense forests. The climate here is subtropical monsoon with high rainfall throughout the year, which reaches almost 1800 mm per year. Summers in Taipei are very hot and humid with an average temperature of +28°C in July, and the winters are short and very warm with an average temperature of +14°C in January.

Taipei’s main attractions include: Imperial Palace Museum, Taipei 101 Tower, Lunshan Temple (Dragon Mountain), Zhongzheng Park, Taipei Dolphinarium and many others. Through the webcam you can see a panorama of almost all of Taipei and can see the weather over the capital of Taiwan live.