Live Webcam Dolphin Coast, Ballito

Live webcam shows the Dolphin Coast in the resort town of Ballito, South Africa.

Picture from Dolphin Coast, Ballito online camera in ,

Ballito is a small resort town in South Africa located on the Indian Ocean coast in the KwaZulu-Natal province in the southeast of the country, 40 km north of Durban. Ballito is a quiet and calm resort town, it is the excellent place to relax among the beautiful African’s nature away from the noise of the popular resorts of the country. Ballito is well known many magnificent sandy beaches, a warm climate, picturesque nature and a well-developed resort infrastructure. The resort town is called the “Dolphin Coast”, because this part of the Indian Ocean is home to many dolphins. The webcam shows one of the beaches of Ballito and the Indian Ocean, as well as you can see dolphins.