Live Webcam Hamburg Seaport, Germany

Live webcam shows of a panorama of the seaport of Hamburg in Germany.


The Port of Hamburg is the largest port in Germany, the third largest port in Europe after Rotterdam and Antwerp, and the 15th largest seaport in the world. It is It has an area of 73.99 km², of which 30.68 km² is water. The port has about 300 berths with a total length of 43 km and an annual cargo turnover of about 146 million tons.

The port is located on the River Elbe, 110 km from where it flows into the North Sea and 10 km south of downtown Hamburg. It is one of largest port in Europe for cruise liners traveling on the Atlantic Ocean, the North Sea and the Barents Sea. The port is home to one of Europe’s largest shipyards and the docks for the repair of cruise liners and yachts.

The port provides the city with more than 156 thousand jobs and is home about 7500 logistics companies operating in the field of maritime transportation.

On the territory of the port there is the world’s largest warehouse district, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The district is called Speicherstadt and often called “City of Warehouses” in German. The district was built in the early 20th century, all buildings in it are erected on wooden foundations.